Cozy Community

Players reside in Kahal, a village primarily composed of a ethno-religious minority called the Avodai. Despite being relatively poor and beset by some prejudice from surrounding communities, the Avodai have a rich tradition and culture. Everyone understands the importance of community for safety and prosperity, and most participate religiously in the House of Prayer on Zabah, the weekly sabbath.


The Avodai look after one another, valuing scholarship and balance as ways of enriching their entire community. Their obligations to hospitality extend beyond the Avodai themselves, as exemplified by the village's free inn (guests pay for their own meals in the tavern, if at all possible). Elements of Kahal's design are lifted from many real-world traditions, such as the communal ovens from Pitigliano, Italy.

Supernatural Shenanigans

Before Kahal was founded, this land was wild and inhabited by spirits. The Avodai were exiled here without knowing that, and spirits brought mischief and misfortune to the new arrivals. Humans brokered peace with these spirits and started paying annual tribute for continued goodwill with the friendlier spirits. Harsher spirits, however, still roam, so wise Avodai avoid provoking whatever goes bump in the night.


Human malevalence also presents metaphysical threats. When souls are too attached and disturbed to pass onwards at death, ghosts linger, purposefully or trapped. Living humans can experience enough envy or wrath to summon the Evil Eye (or worse) against their neighbors. As such, the importance of healing as much strife and imbalance as possible within the community keeps everyone safe.


Players steer these conflicts and moral issues in their capacities as Rafas. Sometimes they may seek out the Rebas for spiritual help, their communities' organizations for addressing broader social problems, or spirits for equilibrium with non-human forces. Limited only by their imaginations and healing skills, the game involves maximum player agency for roleplaying intuitive and compassionate scenarios.