Our Story

Apothecary is wearing green tunic and shorts standing with her smiling with her arms spread out.

How can we use roleplaying to confront what it means to be human in this deeply imperfect world?

We yearn for roleplaying experiences where we immerse ourselves in a community setting and share storytelling between players and game master. Where the vivid challenges we face truly embrace open-ended solutions. When the core mechanic is not combat, we can all explore different types of stories.

So many roleplaying games, and modern fantasy in general, are based on the “Hero’s Journey.” Yet, rather than “crossing the threshold” and leaving one’s home to adventure, what if characters grow and develop within a community?

Instead of mechanics about destroying and looting, we want players' toolsets to facilitate healing, building, and organizing community. Players should interact with fully dimensional NPCs who have personal relationships and motivations that make players feel clever for reading their moods and persuading without dice rolling.

Can we learn to imagine a more perfect world through fantasy? Instead of reductionist good vs. evil, we offer confronting complex moral problems with no singular solution. We want to inhabit a world like those in our favorite slice of life fantasy comics and anime.

If you share our excitement, then we think you'll enjoy Society of Rafa!