"Society of Rafa" overlayed over an image of two Rafas, healers racing to a patient on a tandem bike. A fire salamander huffs fire at the bikers, while a Lantook, a spirit with a human body and chicken feet looks on.

A Heartfelt Roleplaying Game of Healing & Spirits

Delve into the close-knit village of Kahal filled with eccentric scholars, nosey neighbors, and rambunctious spirits.

You are a Rafa, a healer, charged with caring for the health of your community and keeping the peace with the local spirits.

[I enjoyed] Getting to luxuriate in the world you’ve created. The kindness and simple, human connection within the adventure and between the characters. The kind of specific agency player characters have.

-Society of Rafa Beta Tester

Icon of two hands cupping a flame

Community Healing

Balance the competing needs of your human patients and local spirits as you build relationships over time.

Icon of arrows pointing in three directions.

Open-Ended Dilemmas

Solve complex moral dilemmas, bound only by your chosen healing skills and creativity.

Icon of a water serpent

Unique Cozy Setting

Inspired by Jewish folklore, Ghibli films, Hilda, Call the Midwife, Mushi-Shi, & more.

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1 / Beta testing & refinement - DONE

We tested the game with some amazing beta testers to great reception, while we continue to work on the art and game refinement.

2 / Kickstarter launch- Sep. 18th - DONE

Our Kickstarter was successfully funded and pays for our artists and collaborators to create all the final game assets.

3 / Finalize and launch 1.0 materials - ONGOING

We're hard at work finalizing version 1.0 of the game and doing as much for site accessibility as we can. Still looks like we'll be able to release December 2023.

4 / Send out final game!

Distribute materials to our Kickstarter supporters. We hope this is just the beginning—there are so many more stories to tell!