Society of Rafa – Digital Handbook


Handbook and starter Scenarios

Everything you need to play our tabletop roleplaying game!** Comes with 4 pre-scripted episodic stories to explore this rich and cozy world.

**Okay, we’re being a little cheeky because online dice rollers are free, and you may find others to play a scenario with on the Society of Rafa discord server.

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You are a Rafa, a healer, charged with caring for the health of your community and keeping the peace with the local spirits. In this vibrant tabletop roleplaying game solve complex moral dilemmas bound only by your chosen healing skills and creativity.

Access the Society of Rafa Handbook and its starter Scenarios at

Society of Rafa Handbook with image of an older rafa healing with orange light streaming from his hands.

The Society of Rafa Handbook provides guidance on how to play Society of Rafa, including:

  • Game rules & mechanics
  • Character creation advice
  • History and lore of the village of Kahal and its surrounding region
  • The Storyteller’s Guide
  • 4 Starter Scenarios

Get account to our wiki (on this site) immediately and then the pdf version when it is created.

What are the included Scenarios?

Suitable for newcomers and those wanting to play stories right away, these play tested Scenarios ease you into the world of Kahal.

  1. Moaning in the Woods: It’s almost the Festival of Spirits when the villagers of Kahal pay tithings to the Spirits who were here before the humans. But something is moaning in the woods and threatens to derail the party!
  2. Hidden Feathers: An adolescent has been consistently sick for awhile and her teacher is worried for her not getting medical attention. Will your Rafa be able to manage this delicate family situation?
  3. Dispirited: Two mini-scenarios help players learn simulated social relationships of Society of Rafa, hopefully deepening their role-play. Particularly, this is a scenario without supernatural causes, so can we still make it interesting?
  4. Passed On: Nakum, the highest religious officeholder in Kahal, has been withdrawn lately. What could be possessing him to shirk his duties and sequester himself?


Searchable Wiki

Our commitment to accessibility drove us towards developing the online wiki. All play materials above are available with screen-reader-friendly web design and a search bar that works for titles and text!

(Unfortunately, accessible PDFs are harder to implement and require more rework when elements change. For this reason, we will take our time composing PDFs.)

Screenshot of wiki with a search bar and categories: Quickstart, Character Creation, Book of Healing Skills, Gameplay, The Avodai Kahal Guidebook, Book of Spirits, Medical Records, Storyteller Guide
Screenshot of the wiki page "Welcome to Kahal." It has a sidebar with all the categories and articles. The articles table of contents says: 1. Village of Kahal 1.1 Local Surroundings 2. The Society of Rafa. 2.1 Energy Bending for Healing 3. Spirit Neighbors. You can see the top of the article, which says: Society of Rafa is a cooperative storytelling game where you play as a Rafa, a healer, tasked with caring for the health of your community and maintaining the relationship with the area's spirits.


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