Game Samples

Short Fiction

Get a feel for the world by reading this condensed story by cofounder Jonathan, written in second person and only 500 words.

Book of Spirits

The Book of Spirits is an integral tool for all Rafas about the spirits known around Kahal. Sample the intro and two spirit entries.

Designed as a diegetic resource, players experience the exact same book as those of their Rafa characters. Beyond the spirit entries themselves, famous Rafa add commentary reminiscent of Jewish Midrash, players are also invited to embellish as they meet spirits on their adventures! Experienced players will particularly notice scholarship added by Rosh Rafa Shai, head of the Society of Rafa.

Character Creation Sheet

Curious how the stat-less, relationship-centered character creation would work? Take a peek at the entire Character Sheet packet designed to help you create a three dimensional Rafa.